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Get More Book Sales With Your Amazon Sales Page

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

If anyone else purchases outside of that specific audience, that's fantastic but that is my target group. Well, here's, let's jump in there.

Three creative ways to market your book. The first one is the Amazon sales page. You have to recognize its power.

I know people say, oh, Amazon, I do some people don't shop on it. Some people love it. The reality is Amazon has worldwide distribution. For the most part, they have maybe eight or nine marketplaces across the world, including India, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Germany, um, the us Spain, you name it.

They have marketplaces that are growing. It would be very good idea. As you published your book to have it placed on Amazon. If you're self-publishing, you can do that through Amazon KDP. You can publish it on that platform. Or if you're using a different platform, ensure that it will also post on Amazon. Why? Because you want access to the worldwide market. You want access to customers who trust a brand like Amazon to purchase your book. So, the Amazon sales page is the first creative way that I suggest that you market your book. What does that look like? Well, first you want to customize your Amazon sales page. It's not really a book description. It's really a sales page. It's really a sales page for your item, right? Because you can go on there and buy everything from a lawnmower to medical supplies and each product has a page and depending on how someone describes that object, what photos are there, and video associated, you may or may not choose to purchase it.

This is a snapshot of the Amazon product page for the book that I just shared with you. Your book description needs to make the sale for you. I'll give you an example. Mine says looking for an engaging book to teach kids about rapid change and explain the military lifestyle. Well, here it is. I move a lot and that's okay. Teaches his kids how to emotionally cope with relocation. Now, if a customer only read two sentences, they would understand the theme and the target audience of my book and so this is what we're talking about. When we say be very specific and customize your sales page, not just the product page, it's a sales page. Something else here is you want to note a clear photo on your product page who were saying, well, of course you have a photo, right?

But notice some of the product pages, it's not a very clear photo. There are not multiple photos and customers trust clear and consistent photographs, right?

You want to add those items to your sales page on Amazon. Editorial reviews are something else you can add. Once you're at the stage where a magazine or a large media outlet is, you know, sharing how great your book is. You can add that under the editorial review section, there is a section on the same product page. When you scroll down for editorial reviews, many people ignore that section or perhaps they don't know what to insert there and so it appears blank, but books that have those sections building with clear information of who the reviewer is and what was said, that helps to enhance the chance of failed. Also, on here, we're mentioning pricing 99 instead of a whole dollar. There is a psychology behind pricing that is tried and true.

Someone may hesitate to purchase an item with a full dollar amount, but they're a little less likely to hesitate when it says 99 cents. Mine says 9 99 for a paper bag. If it was $10, there's very little difference there. However, it makes a big difference in a psychological aspect keyword.

This is the second to last bullet here. Very, very, very important key words. Drive data on websites. Keywords become part of the SEO or the optimization on different search engines to find your products. You must have key words and I'm creating a one-pager to share my website around this. Let's say instead of book for children, it would say children's book on resilience. It would be very specific. If someone is searching for that word online, they will be able to find it specifically.

And so that is part of what we want to do. You want to have clear and specific words on there?

You're saying, how do I find that out? There are many programs online for free for you to find keywords. And before you leave today, I'm going to share one with you.

5:58 And then last but not least their customer reviews in the chat. Tell me, just say yes or you say I have.

How about that? I have, if you've ever purchased an item that did not have customer reviews, just say I have, I know no one's going to say I have. I just want to see, unless you knew that person and you had a, some type of defined relationship, you typically do not purchase items without defined reviews, especially in the online marketplace. Do you see how important reviews are people trust reviews? And so, Amazon takes this very, very seriously. Something you're able to do after your book is published. If someone's, oh my gosh, I loved your book. My, my student loved your book. My children love your book. My husband loved your book or what have you.

They just enjoyed it to some degree. The pictures were beautiful, whatever it is you say, oh, thank you so much.

Would you mind sharing that in an Amazon review and just put that bug in their ear and just say, you know, reviews mean the world to authors, and it helps the chance that others will see this book the same way that you see it reviews are so important.

You want to ask for that items that have less than 20 reviews on Amazon are very unlikely to sell very, very unlikely to sell those who have, you know, 75, 85, 9500, 2000 people have a certain level of trust rate it, you know, with that. So I see a question in the chat. Why are people so resistant to writing reviews? You know, I have been trying to figure this out for months now. People are really opposed to writing reviews. Oh, oh, I don't know if I can do that. And I would say thank you so much.

Would you mind, um, something else I'll ask if they say, oh, I don't want to go online to review. So would you mind taking out your phone and just do a quick review for me on video and send it to me?

“Hey, Shermaine, I really loved your book.”

“Hey, Tamra tomorrow. I really loved that book. It was fantastic.” And just like that, you can use that on your website as positive media towards your book. But for some reason, people are opposed to reviews online. I don't know why you can walk them through every step. Tell them exactly how to do it. And for some reason they don't do it, one thing I've done because I love the comment that came in chat is that created a challenge around reviews, and I had my character. There's a picture in the book where the character is driving in a car, she's in the backseat. And I said, wow, you know, on our road to 20 reviews. And then when I reached 20 reviews, I say, oh, wrote a 30 reviews road to 50, 60 reviews.

I wonder, who's going to help me get there. And I had the character speaking, asking for reviews. If you love this, let me know, take a video, share it. And it did take a little time, but if you'll create a small challenge around getting reviews, you will find more people are likely to do it.

I hope that did answer that question. Customer views are so important. Many people are opposed to them, but they are excellent way to, add to the credibility of your product.

It really does.

Stand out with the right marketing strategies!

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