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Every Author Needs Lesson Plans
If you want bulk orders from school districts

Looking to boost your book sales? Want to get your book into schools? Having lesson plans, workbooks, and curriculum helps authors do both! Activity pages are nice but they are not enough to convince schools and organizations that your book is worth buying.  

The team at Amazingly Published creates lesson plans and curriculum for picture books, faith-based books, novels, journals, cookbooks, and every type of book that you can name! 

What is the difference?

Lesson Plans

One concept (connected to an age-appropriate education standard) that includes a student activity, a materials list, a time frame, a quick way to measure student understanding, and what the teacher will say and do.


Dissects the book, topics that will be studied, and what skills will be developed over an extended period of time. Includes multiple education standards, activity sheets, and lesson plans. Curriculum has more value and can be sold to schools and organizations.

Educational Workbook

A curriculum-based book with a pre- and post- test and worksheets that align with education standards. School can use this as a participant guide for the book.

Activity Sheets

Interactive content such as games, puzzles, coloring pages, and other elements that involve writing or drawing. 

Want a sneak peek of our work?

Click on the links below!

Lesson Plan Packages

Reading and Writing Package - $310 ($360 value)

This package includes 2 lesson plans for your

book so that you can add value to author visits.

  • Align with the national education standards.

  • Focus on writing skills, reading comprehension OR vocabulary development

  • Extend the learning with Student Activity Sheets

  • Quickly check for student understanding of the lesson


This package includes 2 SEL lesson plans for your book so that teachers can promote positive mental health.

  • Align with the 5 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies

    • self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making

  • Extend the learning with Student Activity Sheets

  • Quickly check for student understanding of the lesson

TIP: SEL is really important to school systems!

stem activity.JPG

Life Skills Package - $350 ($425 value)

Activity Sheets Package

Swag Bag Package $395 ($455 value)

This package includes 20 pages of activity pages so that authors can use them for freebies or swag bags at events. All pages have QR codes embedded to boost sales.

Untitled design.png

Curriculum Packages

Best of Both Worlds Package - $999 ($2039 value)

This package includes 8 lesson plans, cold call scripts, a slide deck, and a webinar so that you can get bulk orders and speaking events.


  • 4 Reading and Writing Lesson Plans ($720 value)

  • 4 Life Skills Lesson Plans ($850 value)

  • 30-Minute Webinar - 5 Ways To Use Lesson Plans To Sell Books ($200 value)

  • Scripts to cold call school districts ($150 value)

  • Template for Slide Deck ($119 value)


All In One Package - $1897 ($2439 value)

This package includes the Best of Both Worlds Package + Pre and Post-test + a 1-hour coaching call so you can prepare for selling books to schools.


Bonus Items

  • Pre and Post-test include true/false, multiple-choice, matching, and one open-ended short answer on your book ($150 value)

  • 1-hour coaching call ($250 value)

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