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Recap of "Taking The Leap: Corporate to Entrepreneurship"

Watch the video for the full recap!

Recently, I had the privilege of joining a panel discussion. Our session entitled "Taking the Leap from Corporate to Entrepreneurship," sparked insightful reflections on my own journey from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Throughout our discussion, I found myself sharing the following reasons:

  1. Creating a Values-Aligned Culture: Leaving corporate was about more than just pursuing a new career path—it was about creating a work culture that resonated with my values. Leading with empathy, respect, and collaboration became non-negotiables as I built my own team.

  2. Operating in My Zone of Genius: Embracing entrepreneurship allowed me to focus on what I do best. I realized the importance of specializing in areas where I excel while remaining open to continuous learning and growth. Delegating tasks effectively became crucial in maximizing my impact.

  3. Continuous Learning and Growth: Surrounding myself with mentors, diverse communities, and resources has been instrumental in my journey. Embracing agility and automation in processes has enabled me to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.

  4. Believing in My Excellence: A powerful quote plays in my head when the imposter syndrome starts to creep in: "Whatever you think you can't do, just know that there is someone who is confidently doing it wrong right now. They have no plans at doing it better either and people are paying them to do it. Please believe in your own excellence as much as they believe in their mediocrity". This mindset shift empowered me to recognize and embrace my unique talents and genius, propelling me forward on this entrepreneurial path.

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Whether you're considering the leap to entrepreneurship or already on the journey, remember to cultivate your strengths, embrace innovation, and seek support from mentors and communities. Let's operate in excellence, confidence, and create positive impact in all that we do.

Are you ready to publish your first book and establish your authority in your field? Reach out to my team at and let's turn your expertise into a powerful tool for growth and recognition.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you!


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