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Want to get paid to publish your book, but not sure how to start?

Grab your seat for my free training:

Mastering Lesson Planning with Chat GPT

Thursday, September 28th @ 8 pm EST


Reasons Why This FREE Training Is For You

Is you when planning out your book's presale?

1. You have no idea how to set up a presale.

2. You're kinda skeptical if this is even gonna work. 

3. You like the idea of getting paid to publish instead of paying to publish.

Here's What To Expect

  • Why presales are a great option even for new authors

  • How to get people to purchase your presale

  • Why you should consider presales for your first or next book

  • Whether Kickstarter is really a good option for you

  • How to know when to do a presale

  • What FREE ideas you use to increase book sales for your presale

  • and much more!

It's time to Master Chat GPT! Join the wait list for the training today. 

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Most authors pay to publish. SMART authors Get PAID to publish™. 


We promise we won't sell or share your info with others.

Your Guide


Shermaine Perry is an author, mom, educator, and wife based in the metro Atlanta, GA area. She is also the owner of Shep Publishing House, an author agency that helps self-published authors get from the page to the people™ to publish profitably with efficient and effective marketing strategies. Her own works, The Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal and New Mom Thoughts: Real Questions for Moms with Real Feelings have sold over 3000 copies in two years since being published. After selling 1000 books in her first year as an author, Ashley was inspired to help other new and first time authors do the same. Shep Publishing House focuses on helping authors connect with their audience to sell more books. .


Being an author is hard. Don't make it harder by choosing strategies that don't work or trying to do it all on your own. 


Amazingly Published is at your service!

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