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Every author needs lesson plans! This resource builds your confidence to create meaningful lesson plans for your own book.


This resource will...

⭐️Explain social emotional learning and how it adds value to schools.

⭐️Gift valuable information to make an informed decision on the type of lesson plan for your book.

⭐️Help you create your first meaningful lesson plan.

⭐️Highlight the differences between an activity sheet, lesson plan, curriculum and educational workbook.


What's included?

⭐️7 "Must Haves" for a Lesson Plan

⭐️2 Video explanations on how/why lesson plans help authors.

⭐️4 Recommended websites to locate education standards.

⭐️1 Sample lesson plan

⭐️1 Template for lesson plan

⭐️Bonus Content


NOTE: Templates are included in this purchase.

Lesson Plans Unlocked

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